4-Winter hillside

Birds of the Giant Mountains

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What our competitions are about

For young and older children.


Go to our viewpoints. They are always somewhere on a hill, but you won't be bored.

How does the Elf's game actually work?

First, you register for the game. Then, in the Routes section, you choose which viewpoint to go to now and which to go to later. You can visit the viewpoints in any order. Don't forget to bring your mobile phone on the trip so you can scan the QR code from the board, answer questions and earn rewards.

I'm enjoying the world with you

The legendary Apalucha, where the biggest part of the film "With You I'm Enjoying the World" was filmed, is located in Dolní Dvůr. That's why we have prepared a competition for adults (in Czech only) to test their knowledge of this comedy.

Elf game for children

Willy the Elf is friends with young and older children. He has hidden a lot of questions in his drawings of Giant Mountain plants and animals. What's more, he has prepared the right difficulty category of questions for all children according to their age.

There are lots and lots of questions for you

To make sure you don't accidentally write things down during your trip, we have unique questions for each participant. And even within the same category! And if you like the trip so much that you decide to do it again? Again, new and new questions will be waiting for you!

And the reward?

For answering at least one question correctly, you will receive a unique badge at each viewpoint. When you have more badges, you can become a small or big hiker and get original diplomas

To earn a diploma little excursionist you must earn badges in addition to your 4-Winter hillside badge:

1 - Cemetery HR
get a badge >
2 - Sunny hillside LS
get a badge >
3 - Luisa mushrooms LU
get a badge >
5-Meadow Šámalka
get a badge >
6 - Luisa valley trees LB
get a badge >

Where to find the badge 4-Winter hillside

Winter hillside, near the transmitter